Founding President, Global Communication Association
• An academic, not-for-profit, and forward-looking scholarly association with annual conferences throughout the world.

Founding Manager, Global Media Journals
• A not-for-profit, free-access, and global scholarly publication network with independent editions, sponsored by major universities throughout the world.

Editor, Global Communication Book Series, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom.

Editor, Global Media Monitor: A resource portal intended to supplement the Global Communication book.

Founder & Former Co-Editor, Journal of Globalization for the Common Good
• An online intercultural and interfaith publication devoted to global cooperation.

Co-Editor, Global Media Studies Series: State University of New York Press
• A book series devoted to contemporary issues in international communication (discontinued due to SUNY’s financial problems).

Founding Director, Center for Global Studies
• Devoted to enhancing global awareness and internationalization of Purdue University Northwest.

Co-Chair and Steering Committee Member, Global Fusion Consortium
• Organized annual conferences (2000-2007).

Editor, Global Media Beat
• A multi-purpose portal for sharing news and information.

Co-organizer of annual international conferences:
• Global Communication Association
• Globalization for the Common Good
• Global Fusion (2000-2007)

Countries Visited (27, as of August 2019)